Top 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Rental Laptop

Top 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Rental Laptop

Top 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Rental Laptop

In our previous blogs, we have talked about the various advantages of opting for a rental laptop, and in today’s article, we will be discussing the top 5 ways to take care of your rental laptop.

As a quick recap, lets briefly discuss some advantages of opting for a rental laptop:

Rental Laptops are Cost-Effective

Renting laptops allows you to have access to the latest technology without burning a hole in your pocket.

Proper Guidance

Most laptop rental services provide proper consultation when you reach out to them for renting a laptop. By analyzing and understanding your requirements, they suggest you the laptop that perfectly fits your requirements.

No Disposal responsibility

If you are someone who frequently upgrades their laptops, desktops, mobile phones or any other electronic devices for that matter knows that with the increasing awareness about the e-waste crisis and the government getting more and more stringent with e-waste disposal laws, disposing of electronic devices is becoming more and more challenging every passing day.

Renting your laptops, helps you avoid them as when you need to upgrade them, all you have to do is bring it to your rental service provider and rent a different laptop!

Now that we have briefly discussed some of the advantages of opting for rental laptops, let us discuss how to take care of the rental laptops.

1. Better Safe than Sorry: Accidents are something you cannot predict, the only thing you can do is try to reduce the chances of them happening by taking proper precautions and staying prepared. And what better way to be prepared than to take insurance. Getting insurance for your rental laptop not only saves you money for repairing in case of an accident but it also saves time as most rental services provide you with a backup laptop while your laptop is being repaired.

2. Not Just Hardware: Laptops not only fall victim to hardware damages but can also fall victim to software damages caused by viruses. So, make sure your rental laptop provides you with proper anti-virus software to avoid such a situation.

3. Aid Prevention with Action: A lot of times just getting insurance and anti-virus software is not enough, but you should also be careful in terms of how you are using your device.

There are several websites, which look just like any other website but visiting them can expose your laptop to viruses and other malware hampering its software. Therefore, always be careful about the websites and visit trusted websites only. Google also provides alerts about suspicious websites, so you can use them as well.

4. Battery Matters: Your laptop’s battery allows you to use it on the go, therefore without a decent battery life, your laptop more pr less doesn’t serve its purpose. So, in order to get the best out of your rental laptop, you need to make sure that its battery is taken care of it.

Here are some of the basic tips to help you take care of your laptop

  1. The 40-80 rule: If you are someone who uses who mostly uses their laptop away from a power source, try to maintain your laptops battery between 40% and 80% i.e., don’t let it charge beyond 80% and don’t let its charge go below 40%. Studies have shown, that doing this helps improve the life of your battery.
  2. Ventilation: A lot of times we are using our laptops in places that might be relatively hotter. If you are charging your laptop in such an environment, make sure that your laptop is well ventilated to make sure that your laptop doesn’t get too heated.
  3. Say no to zero: Completely draining and then recharging it to 100% puts undue stress on your batteries. Even though the recommended battery is between 80% to 40% for optimal battery life, but it is difficult to maintain it and so it is recommended to at least maintain it in a range close to the recommended range.

5. Steer clear from water: Try to make a conscious effort to avoid eating or drinking near your rental laptop to ensure that it doesn’t fall prey to accidental spills.

But, just in case you end up spilling a liquid on your laptop, just make sure you immediately turn it off and take it to the service center to get it cleaned and dried from inside.

Using your laptop right after it has been exposed to a spill, increases the chances of its circuit having a short circuit. 

Now that you know how to take care of your rental laptop, go visit our rental laptop section and get yourself the latest laptop on rent.

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