Laptop Rental Vs Purchasing Laptops on EMI

Laptop Rental Vs Purchasing Laptops on EMI

Laptop Rental Vs Purchasing Laptops on EMI

Laptop rental services have been around for a while now, but have you ever done a proper cost-benefit analysis of renting a laptop vs. purchasing one on EMI?

In today’s blog, we will discuss how laptop rental is actually much cheaper than purchasing them on easy installments.

Understanding Laptop Rental Services

Laptop rental services provide you with laptops on rent, on an annual, monthly, weekly, and even daily basis in some cases. These service providers charge you a reasonable rental charge based on the device you are renting, which is their primary source of revenue.

With the lucrative EMI options being provided by many online platforms, some of us would argue that instead of paying monthly rent for a rental laptop, it makes more sense to purchase a laptop in easy installments. But here are some of the reasons why that is more expensive.

1. Rapid Technological Changes

The world of science and tech is changing every day. A new processor or better hardware is coming up every couple of days. Companies that depend very heavily on their IT infrastructure need to keep upgrading with the ongoing technology trends to stay at the top of their competition. 

The need to stay technologically up to date has become a major challenge for such organizations when it comes to managing their finances.

2. Hidden Charges

Several online platforms lure you with marketing schemes like “no-cost EMIs,” this may seem very enticing initially, but what you don’t realize is that there are a lot of hidden charges apart from the interest deducted from your easy monthly installments.

But when you go for a rental laptop, all you pay is the rent for the laptop, no interest, no hidden charges, no services charge, etc.

3. No Insurance

Usually, you have to buy insurance separately when you purchase a new laptop. This comes up as an additional expense, on top of your interest, if you have purchased it on EMI.

In the case of laptop rental, most rental service providers offer you free basic insurance whenever you rent a laptop, and you can also add more features to it at a minimal cost.

4. No Disposal Responsibility

Whether you purchase it upfront or choose to buy it in installments, the device stays with you at the end of the day, and so does the responsibility of disposing of it.

But when you go for a laptop rental service, the responsibility of disposing of it is entirely on the laptop rental service provider. So, you can upgrade tension-free.

5. Servicing your Laptop

Often, you need to pay dearly to get your laptop serviced. Some companies offer you free service, but for a limited period.

When you choose to go for a laptop rental service instead, the service providers often provide you with free servicing. This enables you to make the best out of your laptop without burning a hole in your pockets.

Additionally, there are some other advantages of going for rental laptop services instead of purchasing on EMIs if you are looking to get them for your newly established small business.

1. Avoid security breaches:

Most small businesses have a limited IT infra budget; thus, they allow their employees to bring their own devices, making them more prone to data breaches. But this can be avoided by renting laptops and other IT devices for their employees at reasonably low prices.

2. Improve Work Efficiency:

When you opt for rental laptops for your employees, they use the same operating system, which allows sharing files and other data more easily and ensures no compatibility issues when it comes to sharing data.

So, apart from saving you money in terms of interest and other hidden charges, opting to go for laptop rental services instead of purchasing a new laptop on EMI also has other benefits like free/cheaper insurance, free servicing as well as no disposal responsibility. Thus, it would be best to consider renting before purchasing a laptop on EMI.

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At Computer Junction, we provide you with laptop rental solutions in top brands, such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, and Apple. Our laptop rental solutions help companies empower their workforce and thus boost business productivity.

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