The What, Why & How of Rental Tablets

The What, Why & How of Rental Tablets

The What, Why & How of Rental Tablets

In today’s article, we will be discussing the what, why, and how of rental tablets.

With a perfect combination of power and form factor, tablets have today become an incredibly versatile device, making them an excellent device for both business and pleasure. Everyone is now ditching their old bulky personal computers and shifting to sleek, easy-to-use tablets from students to working professionals.

But as the demand for tablets in the market rises, manufacturers are making rapid technological advancements in tablets as well. Subsequently, the prices of tablets have also been soaring for the last couple of years.

So, is there a budget-friendly alternative to using a high-performance tablet? The answer is yes; you can get yourself a high-performance tablet at a budget-friendly price by opting for a rental tablet.

What are rental tablets?

The basic idea behind a rental tablet is similar to any other rental service. Once you choose a rental service provider that offers rental tablets, you need to select the tablet that suits you based on your budget, duration, and performance requirements.

Then your rental service provider can help you iron out the details, and voila! You have a tablet.

Why Should you Prefer a Rental Tablet?

Now that we understand what a rental tablet is and how it works, let us discuss why one should prefer it over buying one.

1. Cost-effective

As discussed, with the increasing demand and rapid technology change, tablets are becoming more and more expensive every passing day.

For instance, you look at the price of Apple‘s iPad since its inception back in 2010; its price has gone from $499 to $999 for the latest iPad Pro in 2021.

Looking at this rise in price and rapid evolution in technology with time, it makes total sense to go for a rental tablet, as it saves you money and allows you to stay technologically up-to-date.

2. Responsibility

When you buy a tablet or any other IT device, for that matter, the responsibility of maintaining it lies on you. You have to ensure that your tablet is serviced periodically and a lot of times you need to take it down to the store on your own.

But when you rent a tablet, the responsibility of maintaining and servicing your rental tablet lies on your rental service provider.

3. Flexibility

Sometimes you might need a tablet for a specific period; maybe you are traveling somewhere for a couple of days/weeks and require a lighter alternative to your laptop with the same performance. In such a situation, buying a new tablet does not make any sense. Thus, opting for a rental tablet gives you the freedom to enjoy the mobility and versatility of a tablet, with flexible rental options and minimal expense compared to buying a new tablet.

4. Insurance

No matter how careful you are, accidents can occur with anyone at any time. So the only alternative solution for accidents other than being mindful is to be prepared to handle them. Because as they say, “precaution is better than cure.”

Most of the time, you do not get insurance free while buying a new tablet; in fact, insurances are pretty expensive. But when you opt for a rental tablet, it comes with standard insurance, which might be free of cost or a very negligible cost.

How to get a rental tablet?

Now that we have understood the various advantages of going for a rental tablet, the next thing you must be thinking about is how to rent a tablet?

Many IT rental service providers, both online and offline platforms, provide you with tablets on rent. But with high competition, the possibility of getting scammed also goes up. So you need to think wisely before making a decision.

Always make sure the rental service provider is professional and reliable. A legitimate website, responsive customer care, and years of experience in the industry are some signs of making sure the service provider is reliable.

One such IT rental service provider is Computer Junction, which provides various rental services ranging from rental tablets, laptops, workstations, etc.

About Computer Junction

Computer Junction Private Limited (CJPL) is one of India’s most reputed and largest Enterprise IT & Mobility rental services providers. We’re also one of the leading players in examination support services nationally. Being pioneers in our field and widely recognized by all the top industries for providing the latest and viable Enterprise IT rental services for offices, events, conferences, and examinations. CJPL is striving hard to work beyond the expectations of our clients.

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    Computer Junction Private Limited (CJPL) is one of the most reputed and largest Enterprise IT & Mobility rental services provider in India. We’re also one of the leading players in the field of examination support services nationally.

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