Should you choose Refurbished Laptops or Rental Laptops?

Should you choose Refurbished Laptops or Rental Laptops?

Should you go for rental laptops, or should you get a refurbished model?

If you have this dilemma, then you should continue with this article to make an informed decision.

Before we go ahead and compare buying a refurbished laptop and a rental laptop, let us try to understand what they are.

Refurbished laptops are either returned to the seller by a buyer or second-hand laptops. Manufacturers and sellers usually refurbish such laptops and resell them at a lower price. And as we have already discussed in our previous blogs, rental laptops are laptops that one can rent on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis without having to bear the actual expense of the laptop.

Now, coming back to our blog’s title, let us compare and contrast between buying refurbished laptops and opting for rental laptops.

Cost paid

When you opt for a rental laptop, you only have to pay for the duration you will be using it. Whereas refurbished laptops, even though it is cheaper to purchase them than regular ones, you still have to bear the expense of buying a laptop. So, if you are looking for a laptop for the short term, then you should definitely prefer rental laptops.

Disposal Responsibility

Like purchasing a regular laptop, a refurbished laptop also needs to be disposed of responsibly once it becomes obsolete. But in the case of rental laptops, once you no longer need the laptop or wish to upgrade to one with better specs, all you need to do is give back the current one to your rental service provider and rent the one you need.


When you buy anything, especially electronic devices, reliability plays a very important role in the decision-making process.

Refurbished laptops are usually unboxed or second-hand laptops reconditioned by either the manufacturer or seller to resell them in the market. And these laptops typically come with a shorter manufacturer/seller warranty as compared to regular laptops. So, if your refurbished laptop encounters an issue, you might end up paying heavily to get it repaired.

When it comes to rental laptops, most rental service providers give you complimentary insurance along with your device and provide technical support in case there is an issue with your device.


One might get enticed to purchase a refurbished laptop by looking at the attractive prices compared to regular laptops, but just like regular laptops, they hardly provide any flexibility. Once you have purchased it, you have to keep it till the end of its life.

So, if you are looking for a laptop that gives you the flexibility to change or upgrade it easily, then you should definitely go for rental laptops over refurbished laptops.


Now that we have compared and contrasted between buying a refurbished laptop and rental laptops, it is safe to say that other than the cost, purchasing a refurbished laptop is similar to buying a normal one. Except buying a refurbished laptop is more like a gamble because you never know what kind of defect you might end up getting in your refurbished laptop.

So, if you are looking to get a new laptop on a budget without the responsibility of disposing of it, and you do not want to gamble in terms of reliability, then you should definitely opt for rental laptops.

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    Computer Junction Private Limited (CJPL) is one of the most reputed and largest Enterprise IT & Mobility rental services provider in India. We’re also one of the leading players in the field of examination support services nationally.

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