Renting Laptops Today For A Better Tomorrow?

Renting Laptops Today For A Better Tomorrow?

Renting Laptops Today For A Better Tomorrow?

Today, more companies are renting laptops than buying new ones to carry out their day-to-day IT needs. But is it just to save money, or is there more to it?

With more and more companies shifting to rental laptops for their day-to-day business, it is only natural to wonder why? Continue reading this blog if you are wondering the same.

First, let us understand what renting laptops means.

Renting laptops refers to availing laptops from IT rental service providers for a fixed tenure. This tenure can be flexible from a couple of months to a couple of years. Such rental service providers cater to both businesses and individuals, but more and more companies have been shifting towards rental laptops in recent times.

Why Rental Laptops

Previously, we have extensively discussed how you can benefit from renting laptops as a business.

Firstly, rental laptops help you reduce your IT maintenance cost significantly. Because as a business, your maintenance cost is not limited to a couple of laptops but at least ten to fifteen laptops. Considering you get them serviced at least twice a year, it can still burn a significant hole in your pockets.

Secondly, when you are renting laptops for your business, you have the freedom to upgrade them easily. You do not have to look for customers to sell your current batch of laptops to upgrade. Simply go to your rental service provider and get a collection of laptops with the latest technology for rent.

Renting laptops also gives you the freedom to choose the laptop that best suits your business needs through an extensive process of trial and error. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the essential business software because most rental laptops are pre-installed.

Our previous blog, 5 REASONS BUSINESSES SHOULD OPT FOR LAPTOP ON RENT, discusses more the benefits of rental laptops for your business.

But is there any other incentive for businesses to rent their laptops other than the monetary benefits? There is indeed an advantage to renting laptops, but the scope of this benefit is not just limited to businesses. It also benefits our precious planet.

How, You Ask?

E-waste, which comes from all the electronics that we discard when upgrading to new ones, causes severe environmental hazards.

Electronic waste contains harmful elements that adversely affect human health. Some examples of these toxic elements are lead, cadmium, mercury, lithium, barium, and polybrominated flame retardants. These elements negatively affect the brain, heart, liver, and kidney and lead to skeletal system injury. It can even significantly damage the nervous and reproductive systems of the human body, resulting in disease and congenital disabilities.

Over the years, with increasing awareness and pressure from different environmental groups and activists, the government has passed several laws related to the safe disposal of e-waste.

Now, for businesses, who usually need to dispose of large quantities of IT equipment, disposing of responsibly as per government guidelines becomes an expansive matter.

Thus, more businesses are shifting to renting laptops and other IT equipment today. This way, they can reduce the time, effort, and money required to responsibly dispose of their IT equipment.

These rental service providers either re-rent this equipment or dispose of it responsibly as per government guidelines.

So, renting laptops and other IT equipment benefits the business owners and helps protect our precious environment for a better tomorrow.

If you are a business thinking of renting laptops or any other IT equipment, you should check us out at Computer Junction to learn more about us or avail of our IT rental services.

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