The Questions to Ask to Avoid a Rented Laptop Catastrophe

The Questions to Ask to Avoid a Rented Laptop Catastrophe

The Questions to Ask to Avoid a Rented Laptop Catastrophe

We’ve been dealing with rented laptops for a decade now, and we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve answered a call to hear, “Can you help me out? It is an emergency. The company I was working with terminated my laptop rental, and I have an event in three days!”

We’re always happy to help, but it is never pleasing to hear about canceled orders and other catastrophic scenarios. (We can get stressed too, you know!) To help alleviate your stress, we decided it would be helpful to list some significant worries we’ve heard from our clients so you can avoid being a victim. Here are 8 questions one should always ask when considering a rented laptop — be it from us or another rented laptop service provider.

Just as it is the norm in every industry, some IT rental companies will be more reliable and credible than their competitors. However, by getting an answer to the following questions, you can make an informed decision, choose the right rented laptop service provider, and be assured that your rental will go off smoothly. So, ask away!

1. When was the last time you canceled a rented laptop order?

Whether it be 10 laptops or 10,000 — always confirm when your order will show up. Doing so is extremely important.

Make sure to ask your rental service provider, “What happens if you run out of stock?” All credible rental providers will have clear backup plans and must confidently assure you that they’ll never terminate your order and leave you in a fix.

2. What happens if FedEx, UPS, or the carrier doing the order delivery is delayed?

It is possible, for there are things beyond your or the rental service provider’s control. Your rented laptop order might be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances like the weather, natural disasters, technical difficulties, etc which are uncontrollable factors. Most providers keep in touch with the local technicians in the area so they can purchase the order and deliver them to your event. At Computer Junction, we ensure that if there might be a delay, we find another way — that is a fact.

No carrier can guarantee 100% on-time delivery, so it’s essential that your rental company keep backup plans lined up for on-time delivery. Make sure there’s a team continuously tracking your rented laptop order and that they alert you instantly for any delays.

3. What condition is your rented laptop in?

The last thing you need is a rented laptop that looks like it was used as a bowling ball, or worse, one that stops functioning while you’re working. Oh! An absolute nightmare.

Most rented laptops have been previously used, but make sure to check the physical and functional condition of the rented laptop you received and make a request if you need them to be in extraordinarily good condition.

4. How do I know that the customization is going to be right?

When you open your rented laptop the first time, ensure it works the way you expect it to. If not, you’ve just been delivered a rented laptop order that does not meet your business requirements, making it either inadequate or worse – completely useless.

Customization can be complicated, and we’ve learned through experience that not all companies can get it right across thousands of laptops.

At CJPL, we ensure proper customization by having a team of specialists with tons of experience who speak the technical language your rented laptop needs. We guarantee your rented laptop is fast and powerful enough for your needed software.

5. Can you provide technical staff to set up the rented laptops for me?

You’ll probably be too busy to set up or troubleshoot your rented laptop on the day of your event. Ask if your rental service provider can send a technician to help set up your rented laptop for any issues. Having a highly qualified laptop technician to help you out can free you from lots of stress and keep things running smoothly.

6. Do you have the needed accessories?

Here’s a stress-inducing scenario: Your rented laptop has arrived, but you lack a network switch that you can plug your ethernet cord into as you had planned.

Accessories are a vital part of making a laptop rental a seamless experience. Have an inventory of which accessories are included with your rented laptop and if you’ll need to put in a request for additional accessories.

Some popular accessories often asked about are cable locks, computer mice, monitors, printers, and network switches.

7. How can I be sure that you’re offering the best price?

Be smart and always ask about pricing! Choosing the correct rental service provider can be confusing. One thing that helps makes a choice easier is comparing quotes, so you know exactly what you’re getting in each rental plan and where the differences lie.

8. What happens if I want to order again?

Be smart and ask what your options are if you wish to order the same configuration again. Will there always be the same point of contact for you (or can you request the same PoC), or will you need to meet someone new every time?

The CJPL team takes pride in specializing in consistent and reliable rented laptops nationwide, and our project managers keep track of every detail to save you time and stress. All you need to do is share the previous order’s PO number, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Ready to fire away your questions and get your rented laptop? Contact us at, and we’ll be happy to answer everything you’re still wondering about.

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