Why Rent

Why Rent

Why rent when you can buy? This is an imperative question that often hounds us when we need essential equipment. Well, there are immense benefits of renting when compared to buying. Some of the significant benefits of renting are freedom to select the most manageable, relevant and cost effective IT Infra solutions on rent. Pay as you use which implies that you need not invest in the depreciating assets. Contact CJPL to know more about these advantages in detail.

Benefits Of Renting It Infra Equipment

The foremost advantage of renting IT Infra products is saving on lucrative working capital and cash. High investments are needed to procure equipment like servers, scanners, desktops, tablets, etc., therefore by renting them you can save on cash and use it for other important business needs since the concept of renting is all about providing a supplementary source of funding.

Renting agreements are always tailor made and you can take its advantage depending on your payment schemes and budgetary requirements. This way you can take the cash flow benefits and avoid untimely payments

Renting equipment also saves you from unnecessary stock keeping of the products when the requirement is sporadic. Renting saves office space that can be used for other essential office work. Also due to renting, the need for keeping an in-house repair and maintenance staff also becomes nil thus saves on outflow of cash.

Technology has a nature of becoming obsolete after a while thus needs up-gradations or replacements from time to time. Up-gradation or replacement again requires huge investment that can be an extra burden on the balance sheet of the company. Therefore renting is best for keeping pace with the technology and saving big time on sophisticating it.

When you rent equipment you pay a fixed amount, maybe for a day or for a year. With an agreement you can pre-determine expenditure that can help you budget more effectively. Also renting payments are least affected by inflation, thus pre-planning for payments can be easy.

There are many sophisticated technology in the market that is practically impossible for some to acquire, such as a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). Renting helps to acquire such technologies that are not within the reach of some and hence helps to keep the pace with competitors.

Renting is always a good option where the need of the technology is not permanent. For example, not everyday one needs an IT Infra examination center for a project or an event, therefore, one can opt for renting the same as per the requirement.

Rental agreements always have on-demand delivery and pickup for the exact same time frame that you need the products. Moreover, there are always professionals to maintain and service the equipment; therefore the chances of equipment failure are minimal and they help save on wasting job hours and making them more productive.

When you rent you need to plan for a technology required for next few months, whereas to acquire an asset requires to buy a product with 4 to 5 years lifecycle, which would mean investing excessively today due to higher technology required today, and work with compromised technology in the last part of equipment lifecycle.

Rental cost works on TCO basis(Total cost of ownership), which includes technical manpower, standbys and spares, with well defined SLA’s to suit your needs, where as owned assets require additional cost of spares, standbys and also additional support as only basic product warranty comes as standard with any bought product

The above list is not inclusive but exclusive, hence if you are planning to rent any of the IT Infra products need not worry and make your decision now.

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    It’s been a pleasure working with you guys, and we are satisfied with the kind of services you have provided to us to date in the rental domain. We thank you for all your support.

      Pankaj Kathuria
      Pankaj Kathuria

      Sr. Manager (IT & MIS), Metalman Auto Pvt. Ltd.

      We are extremely happy with the rental services by Computer Junction. We really like the flexibility and affordability of the IT equipment.

        Harikant Ojha
        Harikant Ojha

        Assistant Manager – IT, Travel Triangle

        It has been almost two years since I started working with Computer Junction. The team is highly professional and cooperative. Keep it up, and I look forward to working together with you guys in the future as well.

          Pranav Singh
          Pranav Singh

          Senior Executive (Purchase), Aricent

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