Rental Security Devices

Rental Security Devices

Rental Security Devices

We offer rental examination security solutions to assist relevant authorities & institutions at every step of the examination and to clear out all possibilities of fraud & misconduct. The latest security equipment is rented out to the examination centers, saving them costs as well as ensuring that examinations are conducted securely & safely. This includes the latest metal detectors, equipment scanners, body scanners, and other modern security devices.

CCTV Surveillance & Monitoring

Our cameras are a reliable and technologically superior digital surveillance system that enables live monitoring of examinations. The centralized control mechanism enables the monitoring of multiple examination centers at once, thus ensuring greater transparency and eliminating the need for flying squads. Our CCTV surveillance system solution also allows for the retrieval of relevant video footage to resolve any future discrepancy and serves as a critical tool for fair conduct of examinations.

Biometric Devices

One of the biggest challenges associated with conducting high-stakes assessments is verifying that the right test takers are completing the right exams. Biometrics has become a useful tool for organizations that need to enforce integrity online and at scale. Biometric technologies are a type of body-based security that authenticates a person’s identity based on physical characteristics, including facial structure and thumbprints.

Metal Detectors

Metal Detector systems in the examination hall help to eliminate the use of unfair practices through electronic devices by the candidates in the professional examination. It scans the candidates before entering the examination center for detection of bugs/devices by use of a highly sensitive handheld or door mounted metal detector.

Body / Thermal Scanners

Thermal imaging cameras are devices whose objective in examination centers is to measure the temperature without the need for contact. These cameras are capable of analyzing, with a high degree of precision, the body temperature of people, facilitating the immediate detection of feverish pictures.

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    It’s been a pleasure working with you guys, and we are satisfied with the kind of services you have provided to us to date in the rental domain. We thank you for all your support.

      Pankaj Kathuria
      Pankaj Kathuria

      Sr. Manager (IT & MIS), Metalman Auto Pvt. Ltd.

      It has been almost two years since I started working with Computer Junction. The team is highly professional and cooperative. Keep it up, and I look forward to working together with you guys in the future as well.

        Pranav Singh
        Pranav Singh

        Senior Executive (Purchase), Aricent

        We are extremely happy with the rental services by Computer Junction. We really like the flexibility and affordability of the IT equipment.

          Harikant Ojha
          Harikant Ojha

          Assistant Manager – IT, Travel Triangle

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