Pre Examination Work

Pre Examination Work

Pre Examination Work

We help to deliver seamless online and offline examinations across the country. With our team of highly trained and seasoned professionals, we ensure that the exam centers are fully secured, set up, and ready to use for the examinations.

The first step is the preparation of the examination which includes planning about the location, the infrastructure needed, security solutions required, mode of application, admit cards & attendance sheet generation, and other variables.
Once the plan is created and the mode (online/offline) is selected, the application method is then defined for a smooth process.

Our Process

Application System Setup

Online Examination

An Examination Application portal is created which collects the information about the students and their respective documentation and creates a database out of it. This database is then analyzed by the examination provider, and appropriate notifications are sent to the students to update their profiles.

Offline Examination

An application form is designed as per the scheme of examination in consultation with the authorities. This is used by the student to fill his information in on a printed paper. This completed form, along with additional documents, is sent to the central examination authorities either by postal or physical means. Our team of highly trained professionals then convert all the physical documents to digital copies and tags them with an individual ID. This database is shared with the university, and appropriate notifications are sent to the students to update their profiles.

Data Compilation
The compiled student information is then shared with the examination authorities for verification. Once the information is validated, the application numbers are converted to roll numbers with a unique encrypted key. Soft copy is sent to the university for a check, and then admit cards are approved, printed, and distributed.
Setting Up Examination Center
We then work on setting up the examination infrastructure, which includes setting up the security devices, the monitoring devices, assigning invigilators, creating attendance lists, and implementing proper network and electric infrastructure/backup.
Examination Execution & Data Collation
On the examination day, appropriate lists are sent to different examination centers, which are tagged with a unique ID for easy identification in the backend system. This list includes the names and information of the candidates that will be appearing for the exam in that particular center. Once the examination is completed, all of the paperwork is scanned and sent to the examination board for verification. In the case of online exams, a database with unique IDs is created in the backend and is sent to the examination board. After resolving all the anomalies’, this data is sent for processing to prepare the final result.
Results Prepereation
Computer Junction also creates the result portal from where the students can access their exam results from the backend database via their roll number.

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    It’s been a pleasure working with you guys, and we are satisfied with the kind of services you have provided to us to date in the rental domain. We thank you for all your support.

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      Pankaj Kathuria

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          Harikant Ojha

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