Frisking Services

Frisking Services
Frisking involves searching the outer garments of a person in which the security professional runs his or her hands over the outer clothes to find any secret devices or material that is not allowed in particular premises. In most fields, frisking is the most widely used mechanism to deter and detect illicit smuggling of dangerous items into a location, carried out in order to interfere with routine activity.

With the increase in cases of cheating using paper chits and miniature gadgets during the examination that help students interact with a third party and search for solutions, it may serve as the first step to put a check on such activities. Well-trained frisking professionals from Computer Junction equipped with the finest metal detectors provide a certain solution to this problem and are extremely useful to create the highest level of equality in the education system.

CJPL believes strongly in creativity and believes in providing quality solutions at the right time and right place! When it comes to performing research, we ensure that risks coming from all internal sources are reduced. CJPL stands high among its rivals, whether it is a setup or providing quality examination infrastructure.

Avoid Smuggling Of High Tech Devices

With the increase in technology, there has also been an increase in the number of cheating activities in the exams. Because of the portability of modern devices, many candidates have been successful to sneak in there to gadgets inside the examination venue. The size and appearance of such devices for instance pen scanner, watch mobile, watch calculator, etc. makes them easy to carry without being detected or tracked by the invigilators. Therefore, to ensure the elimination/detection of such devices at the entrance, the need for advanced frisking techniques is very high.

Extreme academic competition and lack of appropriate preparation lead the student to indulge in unfurl means such as formulation of chits during the exams. A big factor for such events is the lack of a psychological deterrent in such a case. Today, the challenge is to develop a system that ensures that students are psychologically prevented from indulging in malpractice.

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Our Services Can Be Divided Into Three Phases:

Deployment of manpower and detectors

Prior to the examination, the detailed requirement is discussed with the customer and appropriate manpower and metal detectors for frisking are installed at all entrances to the examination site at least two hours before the examination.

Frisking of students

To detect the presence of any chits, devices or high-tech gadgets to remove any scope of cheating, safety staff thoroughly frisk the bodies, clothing, wallets, and other belongings of all students.

Detection of defaulter

In the event that any student is caught carrying chits or equipment, such information is immediately forwarded for appropriate action to the examination conducting body.
We also have an excellent team of learned people who will take care of the examination centers and keep you in constant touch with the on-going process and its progress.

We have the high-end resources, skill sets, and well-qualified experts who will provide you with the best services on rent and shall ensure to meet all your requirements. We provide services at highly affordable rates to make you come back to us for all the later requirements.

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