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We at CJPL understand the importance of equipment uptime and business continuity. Hence, CJPL provides zero cost maintenance services to all its IT equipment under rental agreement.

This document describes CJPL Standard Services scope at Serviceable and Non -Serviceable Locations.

CJPL Responsibility at Serviceable Locations (Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mohali)
  • CJPL Helpdesk Service is available 8 hours per day, 5 days per week to assist with equipment use and troubleshooting issues. CJPL will respond within Two (2) hour for all calls received during Standard Business Hours. For calls received after Standard Business Hours, CJPL will respond latest by next Business Day.
  • CJPL would provide incident acknowledgement number for all the raised Service Complaint via email.
  • CJPL would assign remote support engineer to understand the issue and if problem cannot be resolved via remote support. CJPL would depute onsite engineer for further troubleshooting.
  • CJPL onsite engineer would validate the physical condition of equipment for any physical/liquid damage, before raising service part/spare/equipment request to helpdesk.
  • CJPL would arrange and ship advance replacement part/spare/equipment along with onsite engineer as per standard SLA of 8x5xNBD.
  • CJPL onsite engineer would collect the defective unit at the same time post providing the replacement or maximum within 3 days in case of DATA needs to be recovered by customer through its own arrangement.
  • CJPL engineer would submit the service report to customer
Additional CJPL Responsibility at Non-Serviceable Locations

 CJPL will provide courier support charges (if support location is not covered under rental contract) via written email to nominated contact of Customer.

  • CJPL would arrange remote support engineer for supporting customer for replacing field replaceable components.
  • CJPL would ship the replacement unit through road shipment for which TAT would range from 2 to 8 business days depending on destination city. Special “Air Shipment Services” are available at an additional charges for select cities with TAT ranging from 2-3 business days.
  • CJPL would keep the customer updated about shipment ETA status
  • CJPL would follow-up with customer for return of faulty material and would arrange collection as per customer mentioned schedule wherever possible.
Customer Responsibility at Serviceable Locations

 Raise service incident request from authorized email ID at helpdesk@cjpl.in between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon-Fri.

  • Provide sufficient access to CJPL remote support team through video Call, Internet etc so that problems may be diagnosed and, where possible, corrected remotely. Customer has to ensure reasonable hands and feet support for running diagnosis and replacement
  • Ensure complete Back-up software images and data on regular basis.
  • On receiving the replacement part/spare/equipment, Customer is required to return the defective unit back to CJPL engineer, at the same time or within 3 days.
  • In case of any chargeable services customer should provide immediate approval.
Additional Customer Responsibility for Non- Serviceable locations

Customer need to pack the defective unit/parts, in the packaging that arrives with the replacement unit along with return to label, and informing following details (within 3 days) in writing to enable CJPL arrange the return pickup of defective material.

  • Content and serial numbers of packed unit
  • Pickup location and nominated contact person name and phone number
  • Photos/videos of before and after the sealing of unit
  • Reasonable time window for pickup
  • In case of Non-serviceable location by our regular logistic partner, Customer would be required to arrange return of shipment through reliable local courier services.

CJPL is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions intended for the Hardware Product. CJPL standard and Advance replacement services does not apply in following conditions:-

Provide any specific brand/make/model/condition/age of equipment etc.

  • In case of force-majeure conditions preventing CJPL /its authorized partners to provide services.
  • If customer/end user choose not to deploy available remote support capabilities or in case of incomplete details received while raising service tickets.
  • If previous material is not returned by Customer within specified timelines.
  • In case of unresolved disputes/ damages and delayed/no support from customer for closure within specified timelines.
Commercial Implication for non-fulfilment of Customer responsibilities

Following commercials implications may be applicable in case of breach by customer for its responsibilities.

This list is indicative and not exhaustive:-

Responsibility DescriptionImplication
Failure to provide minimum information while raising incident requestMay results in delay of providing Services
Failure to provide timely approval for Chargeable ServicesMay results in delay of providing Services and CJPL may bill for any consequential losses to CJPL
Failure to provide minimum information while returning defective unitMay results in CJPL billing you for delay and any damage unit received at CJPL warehouse
Failure to return the defective unit within specified timelinesMay results in CJPL billing you for the replacement unit and may impact future ASR Services

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