Terms & Conditions of Rental Equipment for ORS – (On Premises Rental Stock)

Customers dealing with mission critical projects like CBT Exams are always in need of quick availability of IT inventory at their disposal to execute their project successfully in shortest timeframe. Generally such critical project runs for short durations and process of equipment return and re-installation takes enormous time and effort. We are CJPL, understands this demand and provide a special Value Add services “On Premises Rental Stock- ORS” to cater this need. Following service would operate as following:

Step 1
Customer would inform CJPL in writing with details of equipment they want to retain at site along with duration and schedule of next project (As per Exhibit -A)

CJPL acknowledge customer email and CJPL would maintain separate inventory for buffer stock at customer site. Such transaction details would be sent to customer for acknowledgement.

Customer would place order to CJPL in writing about the start of next project.

Step 4
CJPL would subsequently move the inventory to customer rental stock in form of delivery challan for customer acknowledgment of that project for the purpose of billin

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Customer will be responsible to inform CJPL in writing at the time of completion of the current project in writing along with any de-installation request to authorized email deinstallation@cjpl.in with equipment details as per Exhibit – A.
  2. Customer would securely store the buffer inventory free of cost at their premise and would also ensure security and safety of the same. Customer would also ensure to not to use such inventory until assigned by CJPL against any rental order.
  3. Customer would need to arrange access for CJPL authorized representative at any reasonable time to physically inspect buffer inventory.
  4. Customer would be responsible for physical movement of buffer inventory to & from project locations and also ensure equipment de-installation/re-installation of such inventory.
  5. Customer acknowledges that the CJPL is the sole owner of buffer inventory and would be responsible for immediate release of buffer inventory along with necessary arrangements for handover as and when required by CJ for any of its requirement.

CJPL Responsibilities

  • CJPL would acknowledge in writing for moving de-installed rental inventory to buffer stock.
  • CJPL would arrange equipment pickup as agreed upon receiving customer confirmation.
  • CJPL would be responsible for raising rental invoice for in-use duration by customer.
  • CJPL would be responsible for raising invoice for LOA (Loss of Assets) charges to customer post inspection / intimation regarding loss or damage to buffer stock.
  • CJPL may ask for return of partial or complete buffer stock as deemed fit by CJPL. Customer would ensure timely hand over of the same.


Following details required from customer for the buffer stock which they want to keep with them & also inform again when they use the equipment from buffer stock against their new rental order.

  1. Equipment Description
  2. Equipment Specification
  3. Equipment Serial Number
  4. Complete Address of location where customer would keep buffer stock.
  5. Duration of the equipment retention.
  6. Nominated point of contact responsible for answering CJPL queries related to retained equipment

Customer also need to inform CJPL in writing to authorised following email id: deinstallation@cjpl.in about any changes in equipment specification in following format

CJPL Serial Number of Original EquipmentEquipment TypeOriginal SpecificationChanges Done New SpecificationCJPL Serial Number of Modified System


Commercial Implication for non-fulfilment of Customer responsibilities

Following commercials implications may be applicable in case of breach by customer for its responsibilities. This list is indicative and not exhaustive:-

Responsibility DescriptionImplication
Failure to provide minimum information while raising incident requestMay results in delay of providing Services
Failure to provide timely approval for Chargeable ServicesMay results in delay of providing Services and CJPL may bill for any consequential losses to CJPL
Failure to provide minimum information while returning defective unitMay results in CJPL billing you for delay and any damage unit received at CJPL warehouse
Failure to return the defective unit within specified timelinesMay results in CJPL billing you for the replacement unit and may impact future ASR Services

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