CJPL De-installation Terms & Conditions

CJPL T&C for De-installation Request:

  1. Any de-installation request by the client to CJPL would be registered and executed only if customer shares CJPL asset tags details along with quantity sent to CJPL de-installation  request e-mail id  – deinstallation@cjpl.in / billing@cjpl.in
  2. De-installation would be done from delivery/installation locations only.
  3. In case of any overdue replacement return / faulty return / Standby return the same would be adjusted against received material. Any balance material would only be adjusted against de-installed rental inventory.
  4. Rental will be charged till assets are handed over, after all gate pass and compliance completed by client and handed-over to CJPL authorized representative.
  5. In case of any material sent by client through courier from remote locations/non CJPL locations, Client should share photos of the material before and after packing to avoid any discrepancy with respect to material received from logistic partner.
  6. In Case any material received partially or non CJPL material received such material would not be adjusted against rental inventory until the same is accepted by CJPL and confirmation given to client. Any rental accrued for such rental inventory would be chargeable to the client till such date.
  7. Assets responsibility will be of customer till handover of such material to CJPL authorized person and confirmation through de-installation report is given to the client at the time of handover.
  8. Client have to ensure the asset handover on given date & time, any failure from the client side may attract additional cost of logistic & rental charges for such delay.
  9. In case of SEZ location customer has to arrange gate pass for de-installation material and handover to CJPL person. Any delay may attract rental charges.

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